About the site

This site was created in 2016 (and was originally located at knytt.neocities.org before a name change). This site was created by two people, OpenBooks and Spriteclad, as sort of a homage to some of the early works of game developer Nicklas 'Nifflas' Nygren, mainly the Knytt games and Within a Deep Forest. This site is designed to look like what we believe someone in 2007/2008 would have made if they wanted to make a site dedicated to Nifflas' games.

About OpenBooks

I've played Knytt Stories since about 2008. I played the game on and off for many years, and have been a member on the forum since 2010, as Whistler. You'll know me on the forum today as Rainulous. I've made a few levels, but only ever released one of them. Lately, I've taken up playing KS again, with Egomassive's KS+ mod, and I've started working on new levels. Knytt Underground has also been released, which has sparked new interest in the Knytt series.

I created this site originlly as a place to showcase mine and other peoples' KS levels. Since then, I've had some help creating this site from:

About SC

Hi there. My name is Spriteclad, but you can call me SC for short. I have been playing Knytt Stories on and off since 2010. (I have watched some Lets' Plays of the game before then, however.) My name on the Nifflas Support Forum is SC, but I haven't made a single level yet. Hopefully soon I'll have the continuous motivation to get through making a level.

I have always loved the (for lack of a better word) aesthetic of the Knytt games, and the fact that you can basically create anything in the game makes me come back to this game every now and again. I also really like Within A Deep Forest as well.