Knytt Stories DS

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Knytt Stories DS is a port of the game Knytt Stories created by Nifflas to the Nintendo DS. It uses a modded cartridge (known as a 'flashcart') in order for you to play it on your system, such as an R4.

This mod is relatively simple (feature-wise) compared to most mods, because it's just a port of the same game onto a different system entirely. All you have to do to play levels on the DS version is to just copy the folders into the KSDS directory on your flashcart's SD card. Vanilla levels should be compatible with the DS mod as long as you convert all the .ogg files to .mp3 (for music) and .raw files (for ambience).

The project took about two years to fully finish, with one man pretty much doing everything (other than an external consultant and a bunch of community code contributors). If it weren't for Nifflas allowing the port to happen, a DS version of Knytt Stories simply would not have been possible.

If you still have an old Nintendo DS kicking around and a flashcart to spare, then I highly recommend you install this on your card so you can play your stories on the go.

(footage is not from the final version of KSDS)

Download Knytt Stories DS v1.0a