Knytt Stories EX

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Knytt Stories EX is a mod to Knytt Stories that allows many more features to be added to levels. However, levels created with the KS EX level editor have to be played with KS EX, and not just vanilla KS or any other mod. The vanilla level editor has been slightly modified as well to make it more usable.

Some of the features included in the mod include:

Knytt Stories EX was released before Knytt Stories Plus was made, and therefore it includes a different set of features. It, however, is not nearly as popular as KS+ is at the time of writing. It still has a lot of extra features compared to vanilla Knytt Stories, but its level editor isn't as intuitive as KS+'s.

Knytt Stories EX is an interesting mod for KS. If you want to try making a level in something other than vanilla KS and KS+, then you should give this one a shot.

Download Knytt Stories EX