Knytt Stories Plus

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Knytt Stories Plus is a mod to Knytt Stories that allows much more creativity within the level editor and many slight changes to the in-game experience to make it that more fulfilling. However, levels created with the KS+ level editor have to be played with KS+, and not just vanilla KS or any other mod.

Some of the features included in the mod include:

By and large (at the time of writing), KS+ is without a doubt the most popular of the Knytt Stories mods, with the most levels on the forums requiring it compared to any other mod. Plus, almost none of the other mods are even used anymore. KS+ has been far and large a much-needed expansion to Knytt Stories to give it some features that level makers have been wanting for years. It's no surprise that it's gotten this big.

Knytt Stories+ is an absolutely great addition to any Knytt creator's repotoire. If you don't mind players having to install a mod to play your KS+ levels, then by all means, feel free to give it a go.

Download Knytt Stories Plus