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Knytt Classics

Levels from 2007-2008 that long-time fans of KS would consider classics.

Icon Name/Description Link
Don't Eat the Mushroom by UncleSporky
(Easy / Environmental / Small) - no screenshots yet
Don't eat the mushroom. Just don't.

Flipping Out by Gorfinhofin
(Easy / Misc / Environmental / Small) - no screenshots yet
Things for Juni turn (literally) upside-down when she finds a cave that can flip gravity.

Skyfalls (demo) by Pip
(Hard / Challenge / Medium) - no screenshots yet
A somewhat challenging level. Involves you coming to the Skyfalls on a field trip and having to split up to find some lost children. Is actually the first part of a level series that never got finished.

Station 07 by Diesel
(Easy / Puzzle / Medium) - no screenshots yet
You wake up in a strange lab... where do you go from here?

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Huge, Sprawling Worlds

REALLY big levels that take a long time to navigate. (But are still fun.)

Icon Name/Description Link
Advena by Purple Ink (requires KS+)
(Normal / Hard / Very Hard / Environmental / Large) - no screenshots yet
Juni gets shipwrecked on a HUGE island! Explore the outer reaches of Advena and collect all the Juni statues along the way!

Gaia by Anyndel & Drakkan
(Normal / Environmental / Playground / Large) - no screenshots yet
While traveling in space, Juni crash-lands on a strange planet. Travel through the different continents of Gaia and help her get back home! (If it's even possible, that is.)

Outer Reaches by Pick Yer Poison
(Easy / Environmental / Large) - no screenshots yet
You've been up in the clouds your entire life, always watching the earth from below. One day, you decide to come down and see what lies on earth. The results? Quite calming.

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Calm Experiences

Levels that are somewhat pleasant and don't have much challenge to them.

Icon Name/Description Link
I Chased The Moon by Talps (requires KS+)
(Easy / Misc / Small) - Screenshots
"I dreamed I climbed a starry sky..." A small, straightforward level that is very poetic and cute.

Exploring the Golden Land by Vegetal Gibber (requires KS+)
(Normal / Environmental / Playground / Medium) - Screenshots
Sequel to "Journey of the Golden Land." After finding the land, you decide to take a look around and bask in its glory! (Has three secret areas and one secret cutscene.)

I Lost My Cat by Eris Constance (requires KS+)
(Easy / Environmental / Short) - Screenshots
Your cat is gone. Can you get over your depression enough to find her?

Vanilla by Pumpkinbot
(Easy / Environmental / Large) - Screenshots
A demonstration of all 256 tilesets included with Knytt Stories! Good for new level makers who don't know what the tilesets look like in action.

A Walk At Night by Quincent Cartographer
(Easy / Environmental / Small) - no screenshots yet
It's 3 AM. You can't sleep. Maybe a walk can help?

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Epic Adventures

Big adventures that are fun to play!

Icon Name/Description Link
Cosmic Meltdown by Fubaka
(Hard / Very Hard / Lunatic / Challenge / Large) - Screenshots
The universe is going to melt and cease to exist... unless Juni saves it! Can you help her stop the cosmic meltdown?

Dragon Myth by Talps (requires KS+)
(Hard / Challenge / Scenic / Epic) - Screenshots
Juni has to go out and fight a huge dragon that has recently woken up from its sleep ten years ago. In the past, it has attacked her village and carried animals and people to their home so they can devour them. She's not going to let this happen again, so she's journeying outward to stop this dragon menace.

Escape from Knyttstein by Vegetal Gibber
(Normal / Maze / Puzzle / Medium) - Screenshots
Oh no! Juni has been captured by the Knattzys! Can you escape the maze-like dungeons and avoid being shot by soldiers in the process?

I Dreamed Of The Sky by Talps
(Hard / Challenge / Puzzle / Large) - Screenshots
Juni is just one person in a group of underground people sent down there years ago, because the air was deathly. Now the group is struggling to survive and Juni thinks that the outside is habitable again. Can she get through all the levels to see if her hypothesis is even true?

Juni's Checkered Past by Fubaka & ixMarcel (requires KS+)
(Normal / Challenge / Misc / Medium) - Screenshot
Years ago, Juni ran away from her problems, of which she can't remember. Now, she's trying to face them head-on, or at least get some closure.

My Super Secret Basement by Sergio Cornaga
(Normal / Challenge / Medium) - Screenshot
Oh no! Your cat got lost in the basement! Can you find it while getting out ALIVE?

The Phantom Apparatus by VlachVania
(Normal / Very Hard / Challenge / Medium) - no screenshots yet
...does it really exist?

Realms of the Pharaoh by ozz
(Normal / Challenge / Medium) - Screenshots
Crawl into the pyramid and make your way inside, as you go deeper and deeper. Which deity will you praise?

Saving Thalanill by ixMarcel (requires KS+)
(Normal / Hard / Challenge / Large) - Screenshot
Embark on a thrilling adventure to save Juni's own hometown! Can you find the precious Nit Flower before time runs out?

Shipwrecked by egomassive
(Normal / Challenge / Medium) - no screenshots yet
You've been shipwrecked and basically lost your memory. Can you get back to safety with the help of your crab friend?

Time Fixes Everything by Raicuparta (requires KS+)
(Normal / Challenge / Medium) - Screenshots
[insert description here]

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Hard Challenges

Exactly what it says on the tin. Challenges that might make you break your keyboard.

Icon Name/Description Link
The Column by Fubaka
(Hard / Challenge / Puzzle / Large) - Screenshots
Will you climb or descend? Both paths lie numerous challenges. The choice is yours.

Dark Sea by SecretGlitch
(Hard / Challenge / Medium) - Screenshots
Juni goes over to Dr. Cliche's oil rig located somewhere in the middle of the ocean, to turn off the oil generators that lie within. It's actually a harder task than most think.

Dark Sea 2 by SecretGlitch
(Lunatic-ish / Challenge / Large) - Screenshots
Now Juni has to go deep within the depths of the ocean to stop Professor Nuance's giant drill, which if activated, could start a giant tsunami and wipe out millions. Only for the most skilled players.

Deep Freeze by Ultigonio (requires KS+)
(Very Hard / Challenge / Puzzle / Large) - Screenshot
"Deep Freeze is a huge, difficult, and wholly unique Knytt Stories experience that pushes KS and KS+ to their limits in order to produce a wild variety of challenges and puzzles."

The Dithered Temple by Vegetal Gibber (requires KS+)
(Hard / Challenge / Small) - Screenshots
An old EGA-graphics-styled level that will provide a good challenge, even for seasoned KS players.

Do Not Pick Up The Key by Talps
(Hard / Challenge / Small) - Screenshots
Do NOT pick up the key. Don't. DO NOT DO IT. I'M SERIOUS.

The Explore Challenge by LPChip
(Hard / Maze / Puzzle / Medium) - no screenshots yet
When Juni gets lost in a different dimension, she has to find secret passages throughout all of the rooms to escape! Can you find them all without going crazy yourself?

My Loving Hadron Collider by Talps
(Hard / Challenge / Small) - Screenshot
What happens when Juni wakes up in a giant AI that wants to kill them? The answer: lots of frustration and red circles that kill you.

Pixeled by Comhon
(Hard / Misc / Large) - no screenshots yet
Juni is shocked when she sees the world around her GROW to ten times her size! Can she get all the keys to go back to normal?

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Weird and Unusual

Levels that are either odd or they just don't make sense.

Icon Name/Description Link
9 Boring Levels by ncrecc (requires KS+)
(Easy / Misc / Medium) - Screenshot
Can you beat your way through the nine EXCITING levels before Juni dies of boredom excitement?

A Climbing Alike by plural (requires KS+)
(Hard / Challenge / Misc / Medium) - Screenshots
Find your way through a world filled with philisophical non-sequiturs and vague in-jokes.

altf4 by 14+
(Easy / Misc / Medium) - no screenshots yet
I'm not even going to try to explain this one. (Though, I will give you a hint: there is more than one ending.)

It Waits by Eric Colossal
(Medium / Misc / Small) - no screenshots yet
Juni goes into the belly of the beast, but does she come back out as the same person?

Juni's Nightmare by david c & Sergio Cornaga (requires KS+)
(Challenge / Misc / Small) - Screenshots
"Feels like the nightmare never ends, does it?"

last of the salad days by hugs & Fubaka
(Easy / Misc / Playground / Medum) - Screenshot
find your way inside.

system failure by Kira
(Hard / Misc / Small) - Screenshot
"help Juni to escape the nightmare."

Teenhmifnoeafgil by KG
(Hard? / Misc / Small) - Screenshots
Do you know it? Make your way through the world in order to find the answer. A must-play for any KS player.

Zepsiman by StraightFlame (requires KS+)
(Misc / Challenge) - Screenshot

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Tiny Tidbits

Levels that are too short to fit into any other category.

Icon Name/Description Link
At The Zoo by Healy
(Easy / Misc / Environmental / Small) - Screenshot
Juni's at a field trip to the local zoo, but she got lost! Help her find her way back to her group!

Capitalism! by googoojoob
(Easy / Misc / Slamm) - no screenshots yet
In an alternate universe much like our own, we get a peek into Juni's life. It's not as exciting as you think.

Some Room v2 by Raicuparta
(Easy / Misc / Small) - no screenshots yet
Juni is trapped in a room. Can you help her escape?

A Visit to Grandmother's by Healy
(Easy / Misc / Environmental / Small) - Screenshot
It's just a simple visit to Juni's grandmother's house. Right?

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Group Collaborations

Levels that were made by more than two people!

Icon Name/Description Link
The Cursed Gallery by Glorious Trainwrecks (requires KS+)
(Hard / Challenge / Misc / Large) - Screenshots
Another GT collaboration that involves Juni and a, well, cursed gallery. Beat all the levels inside the paintings and gain access to the final area...

Endless Winter by Various Nifforum Members
(Normal / Challenge / Medium) - Screenshots
Solve the mystery of the endless winter in Juni's hometown. A collaboration between many members.

For egomassive by Various Nifforum Members (requires KS+)
(Hard / Challenge / Small) - Screenshots
Made in celebration of egomassive getting 100 stars on the Nifflas forum! Collect all the stars to gain enlightenment!

Great Art by Various Nifforum Members
(Easy / Environmental / Misc) - no screenshots yet
A collaboration between different forumgoers. This level has screens made by different people that are meant to be appreciated like fine art. (Or something like that.)

Rainy Day Adventure by Glorious Trainwrecks
(Normal / Challenge / Misc / Medium) - Screenshots
It's raining outside! Explore! Or something!

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