Within a Deep Forest

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Within a Deep Forest is a game about a sentient ball that has to save the world. The ball was created by a man named Dr. Cliche, who is a scientist that is currently plotting to freeze the world into a cryogenic state. Your task, as a bouncing ball, is to gain new forms across all the lands so you can sneak into Cliche's lab and get the code to turn off the freeze ray.

You get nine forms of balls, the form you start out with is relatively well-rounded for the starting area, but as time goes on, you need to use other forms in order to continue through the game. You get these forms by beating areas of the world. Some forms are a glass ball that can pass through lasers, a yoga ball that is extremely bouncy, and seven others. The hub world you live in is Pinewood Heights, which is a forest-y area that has houses, mineshafts, lava caves, mountains, and a lake guarded by a dragon.

Within a Deep Forest is a really fun platformer, and is a great way to waste a few hours of time.

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