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Knytt is the tale of a single Knytt that was abducted by an alien. While the ship was in space, something malfunctioned and now you and the alien have landed on a distant planet.

Your task is to find parts for the ship located all over the world that you land on. Once you find all the parts, it is completely possible for you to return to your home planet. Beware, however -- because finding all the parts is no easy task. You're going to have to look high and low and all around to find them, and they might even be behind some hard enemies!

Knytt is the predecessor to Knytt Stories, so its aesthetic is very similar to that game, except everything is not limited to a grid, unlike KS. Plus, there is no level editor included. The main character is just referred as "Knytt" by most players, unlike Juni there seems to be no name associated with it. Knytts are very similar to humans in appearance, but they are not humans themselves.

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