Knytt Stories

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Knytt Stories is the successor to Knytt, both games created by Nifflas. It uses a similar art style to Knytt, but the main draw to Stories is that anyone can create and share their own levels. The game comes with a level editor, as well as two levels of its own: a short tutorial level, and a medium-sized adventure level: The Machine, created by Nifflas. Every level is seperate from one another unless specified; most people agree that each level takes place in their own seperate universe.

Just like in Knytt, Knytts are creatures that are similar to humans but aren't humans themselves. The player sprite doesn't distinctly have a name attached to it, but in The Machine, Nifflas refers to her as Juni, so after that, almost every level-maker after that referred to the player character in Juni, just in different universes. (Or different stories, at least.) Some levels have referred to the character by different names, but not many. There are many non-player characters but most of them don't have distinct names. In most universes, Knytts cannot survive touching water. They turn into vapor the second they touch it or anything else that is hazardous.

In the Knytt Stories level editor, there can be two tilesets and one solid background image on screen at a time. There are eight layers you can use: three for background tiles, one for tiles the main character can stand on, two for objects to appear in front of the main character, and two for objects to appear behind the main character. Objects are anything within the object bank, such as enemies, NPCs, etc. You can add custom objects, tilesets and music to your world by adding files to your world's folder after you create it.

You can download levels from a multitude of sources: through the "Get More Levels" link on the main menu, through KnyttLevels, through the Nifflas Forums, or by just dragging any knytt.bin file onto Knytt Stories's Install Level menu.

Knytt Stories is a great game if you love creating platformers but don't want to learn a programming language. If you want to waste some time, then feel free to download the game for free.

Download Knytt Stories 1.2.1