Knytt Underground

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Knytt Underground is a 2D platformer with an interesting story and a gigantic world to explore.

The story is that you're a sprite named Mi who has developed special powers, such as turning in to a ball, and your quest is to ring the six bells of fate; because if you don't, the world will end! Although, there is a small chance that it's all a myth and the world isn't really ending... but it's up to you to still find that out, isn't it?

Unlike Knytt Stories, it has no built-in level editor or custom level support. Despite this, the map is much bigger than any of its games before it. It takes a sharp turn in terms of its graphical style, leaving the cute, mid-2000s pixelart style behind, and substituting it for a more dark, vector-inspired style. The backgrounds often use real objects cut-and-pasted into the world, making for an interesting aesthetic overall.

Download Knytt Underground demo for Windows

Download for Mac | Linux x64 | Linux x86